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This Week's Chapter and some pimping

I didn't find this chapter as uninteresting as other people did.

I understand the people that were annoyed that it turned into 'Ichigo saves the day' again, but I'm one of the ones that went all nostalgic on it. Oh Ichigo. <3

And on the other hand, as nerdowl said to me, technically he hasn't saved the day yet! I suppose there's a possibility that the mysterious lurking figure will wreak havoc next chapter. Personally, I doubt it, as that doesn't seem to fit with Kubo's pacing, but it's certainly a possibility.

Part of what I thought was interesting was who exactly is mysterious lurking guy and what is he doing there? Most likely he's a Quincy, eh? Well all the alerts in the 12th were going off because so many hollows were being destroyed. Was mysterious lurking figure there to kill the hollow and Ichigo interrupted? Most likely it looks like he's using hollow bait to lure the hollow there- just when the shinigami appear. 

Personally it wouldn't surprise me if, for some reason the Quincy decided that now was the time to take their revenge against SS, and ran around killing all the hollows just to get SS's attention and draw the Shinigami out to the real world.

I wonder if/what the Quincy know about Ichigo. I wonder if the Quincy will stay in the shadows and observe or still get involved now that Ichigo has shown uo.

The more times I read the chapter, the more confused I am about what all of the Captains know. The first read through, I got the impression that Mayuri hadn't notified any of the other captains of the problem, considering that all we saw were these two very much not Captain class level shinigami being sent down just for a normal patrol that clearly didn't expect to run into anything. If the other captains knew, wouldn't there be more going on? I thought maybe Mayuri was keeping it to himself in hopes he could experiment on more Quincies or something. I just went and double checked, and bleach wiki says we don't know what division Afro-san or either of the two introduced this chapter are. But none of them clearly have any idea there's anything unusual going on.

Rereading it, I notice someone says "notify the correction squad!" which made me think that perhaps the other captains do know. But it's possible that this 'correcton squad' is part of 12th. I also make note of "at this rate, in a few days, the barrier between here and the material world..." which makes me think if Mayuri hasn't told the other captains then wow he's going to be in trouble.
... and now I kind of want to write something where suddenly the barrier suddently disappears and everyone flips out. And, like, Yamamoto guts Mayuri. Or something.

Actually, I don't think the idea's too farfetched. That's been one of my theories since we found out the Quincies were involved. I thought them 'upsetting the balance' would be a big dramatic plot fitting for the last arc. We'll see I suppose.

ANYWAY. The people at 12th mention two different areas just designated by numbers, so it's possibly that maybe correction squads have been sent to other locations. But even within the chapter it's mentioned that Karakura has an unusually high Hollow appearance rate, and given that Bleach is centered in Karakura, I'd be surprised if the Quincies hadn't been killing hollows in Karakura... But then of course this brings it too has Ishida noticed?

Eh, I guess we'll see. The summary of the above babbling is- do you think Mayuri has notified the other captains?

I do wonder why the Quincy have decided to make their move now. I still think they may have allied with another group or something. Hrm.

So now I'm going to pimp some stuff going on.

bleachbigbang - Round 2.5!

bleachbigbang is holding a mini-bang currently. I plan on signing up and seeing if my muses will cooperate enough in order to finish something. Unfortunately all three of the things I've been working on recently have either already passed 10K or will definitely do so in the future. Oh muses.

[community profile] fandom_helps is also happening. I signed up for casestory as it fits one of the aforementioned things that are already over 10K, we'll see if I can actually manage to complete it. I'm also pondering [community profile] scifibigbang .</user> This entry was originally posted at http://ravens-rising.dreamwidth.org/71442.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


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